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Who do we expect to contribute with good practices?

a) Service providers (these organisations are municipalities and/or public institutions who have the obligation to provide education services for all citizens including Roma children and adults. They should have direct access to the target group itself, but also to teachers, educators, kindergarten staff etc. to ensure the identification and transfer of good practices and the policy making process)

b) Schools (concerned with the integration of Roma children through education)

c) Higher Education Institutions (concerned with the tertiary education in general, and also specifically the tertiary education of Roma young adults, which appears to be one of the biggest challenges in the education systems)

d) NGOs representing the interests and ideas of Roma families, young adults and children (they have direct access to the policy making process in the member countries and on EU level)

e) VET Organisations (offering vocational education and training within the education system and are concerned with the VET education of Roma children and adults).


Good practice in Croatia:

EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) Innovation Award winner Public Library ‘Fran Galović’ Koprivnica in Croatia was invited to showcase their winning service as an example of good practice in community support for social inclusion of Roma communities at an international conference on Roma education policy.

The presentation, by library director Ms Dijana Sabolovic-Krajina, was titled The Contribution of a Public Library in a Local Community to Successful Education of Roma: A Good Practice Example.

Read the full presentation here.

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