On October the 1st, the European Roma Information Office organised the closing conference of the two-year ERNE project “European Roma Integration good practice exchange and policy network” in the Trèves building of the EESC, Rue de Trèves 74, Brussels. Through an exchange of experiences and best practices, the ERNE project aimed at contributing to the implementation of the National Roma Inclusion Strategies (NRIS) in the particular field of education in order to maximise chances of success for Roma integration. Education is a key element of social policy and all member states are required to give it a particular attention in view of the implementation of their NRIS before 2020. However, evidence shows that Roma children still face specific difficulties in terms of schooling experience, such as low attendance, high dropout rate or discrimination due to their ethnicity and background. Nine European partners coming from different countries participated in this project: the Municipality of Koprivnica (Croatia), the Zukunftsbau GmbH (Germany), the European Neighbours – Verein zur Föderung von Benachteiligten in Europa (Austria), the Kulturverein Österreichischer Roma (Austria), the Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union (COFACE -until July 2014-, Belgium), the FormAzione Co&So Network (Italy), the Súkromné gymnázium Kremnica (Slovakia) / TMAF (Bulgaria), the University Stefan cel Mare of Suceava (Romania) and the European Roma Information Office (Belgium).

ERNE Final Conference Invitation

ERNE Conference programme

Here are the presentations for the 4 levels of education:


Pre-school education: successful practices and recommendations (Speaker: Patrizia Giorio, FormAzione Co&So Network, Firenze, Italy)

Presentation - Pre-school_education_successful_practices_recommendations.ppt


School education: successful practices and recommendations (Speaker: Markus Mandl, European Neighbours, Graz, Austria)

Presentation - School_education_successful_practices_recommendations.ppt


Higher school education: successful practices and recommendations (Speaker: Carmen Chasovschi, University Stefan cel Mare, Suceava, Romania)

Presentation - Presentation_-_Higher_school_education_successful_practices_recommendations.ppt


Vocational education: successful practices and recommendations (Speaker: Vedrana Knežević, Municipality of Koprivnica, Croatia)

Presentation - Vocational_education_successful_practices_recommendations.ppt

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